Who the Fruity Goodness Are we

So what's our story? Read on...

Ben Olins

OMFG is the brainchild of Ben – a fruit fanatic from a fruity family who’ve been in the fresh fruit business for generations.

Ben thought it was a bit mad that you can buy a “Summer Berry Bircher” and not find a single whole berry in it. Processed purees just aren’t his jam. He believes truly good fruit is a beautiful thing, it doesn’t need tampering with - we couldn’t agree more!

Fruit Picker Ethically sourced 2x

So, he gathered a team of fellow fruit enthusiasts and they set about creating something that was super tasty, packed with big chunks of the best fresh fruit, and could be made and sourced responsibly - and OMFG did they succeed.

Why not grab one off the shelf and try it for yourself? And remember, eat fresh and feel fruity.

Fruit Picker Hand picked 2x

We’re picky when it comes to picking. We want our fruits to come from the ground, the tree, or the plant perfect (which sometimes means imperfect).

We’ve been working with some of our miracle making growers for over 25 years. They are part of our family; hand picking the best fruits, not just for us, but for you too.

We work with our growers to help them develop their farms and maintain sustainable production for generations to come, because we want this to last forever - and that's an #OMFGMoment all round.

Fruit Picker Hand picked 2x

We’re mad about getting people eating real fruit. Fresh fruit. Sugary purees? We’ll take our fruit chunky thanks. In fact, you’ll only ever find big chunky chunks of bloomin’ beautiful fresh fruit in our pots. We might slice it up for you, but that’s about it.